SMTAR Scholarship Foundation


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Congratulations to the 2017 Scholarship Winners! More than 200 applicants were reviewed, but only 10 could be selected. You will be notified of your award by a Selection Committee Member.

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About the Scholarship

SMTAR's Scholarship Foundation raises money each year to help graduating high school seniors pay their expenses to the college of their choice.  This assistance is presented in the form of one or more scholarships and is available to graduating high school seniors whose attend school or live in Giles, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Perry and Wayne Counties.

Primary funding for the scholarship fund comes from monies donated by SMTAR members over the course of the preceding year.  In 2008, three programs were primarily responsible for funding:  the "Dollars for Scholars" and "Go Green" campaigns, as well as a silent auction.  In 2010, the "Go Green" campaign was discontinued and a Golf Tournament was established. The Golf Tournament has become an annual event, and it is our hope that we can continue this traditional fundraiser into our future.  In 2013, the Foundation, in conjunction with the SMTAR Social Committee, held the first of two yard sales to raise money for this cause.

How to Apply

Scholarship applications are forwarded to the schools in our area by mail in January of each year. We also post the application right here on our Scholarship page, and make them available to you by e-mail or fax upon request (also in January). The deadline to apply usually falls around April 15th, and applications can be submitted by e-mail, fax, regular post, or you may drop them off at our office at 304 River Road, Columbia. Winners are notified at their graduation or awards ceremony, and Scholarship checks are presented at our General Membership Meeting in August of each year. In some instances, winners may be notified by phone prior to graduation.  (Because our Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors must approve the annual application, it is only made available between February and April each year.)

If you'd like to join our mail list for the Scholarship Application, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dollars for Scholars

Dollars for Scholars helps to raise money for the Scholarship Fund straight out of the pockets of members.  A simple donation box is set up at membership events so that attendees can unload whatever loose change might be weighing them down.  This program has successfully collected approximately $75 dollars or more per event.  We realize that this doesn't sound like much, but 2010's efforts raised enough money to offer about 3 separate $500 scholarships.

Golf Tournament

In 2010, the SMTAR Scholarship Foundation hosted its first Golf Tournament to raise funds for the foundation.  We are very excited that this has become and annual event for our Foundation!